Gluten Free


How it all began…

When HBC set out to find a Gluten Free crust that we would be proud to serve at our restaurant, we came across a local company in Bridgeport, Connecticut called Still Riding Pizza Co.  After speaking with owners Liz and Jeff Silverman, it was clear that they were as serious about their products as we are about ours.  After all, they are Gluten Free themselves and extremely knowledgeable about it.  They are also committed to providing the GF community with a safe and delicious product. 

HBC is serious about gluten free!

Harry’s  Bishops Corner is serious about offering a truly gluten free pizza.   We have gone to great measures to be sure that our GF products are gluten free from start to finish. 
In partnership with Still Riding Pizza Co, we have put into place procedures to insure that our GF pies are safe for the GF community, while still maintaining a high quality delicious product!

We also have one of the area’s largest selections of GF toppings and specialty pie ingredients.  We use fresh vegetables and meats that are naturally GF. 

How we prepare a delicious GF Pizza for your safety.

We begin with a GF crust from Still Riding. We add our traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, a sprinkle of aged Italian cheeses and your choice of toppings from our extensive GF menu.  You will also find that the majority of our specialty pies are GF! 

You should also know that….

  1. We make our GF pies in a designated GF pizza station with separate GF ingredients  
  2. Our GF pies are baked in a designated GF oven using designated GF pizza peels
  3. Our GF pies are cut using designated GF pizza cutters
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our GF products, we would be happy to speak with you.

Still Riding

For more information about Still Riding Pizza Co. and their products,
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